What is a city slicker?

What is a city slicker?

City slicker is not just someone that is accustomed to the urban lifestyle. He understands the city flow and adores strolling through it. Thus he is never late or arrives too early, but is always on time. On his way he shares the city streets with thousands of people but that doesn’t irritate him or make him feel insignificant. Rather the opposite – it energizes him, because he sees it as thousands of new opportunities and takes pride in being a driving force behind the development of the modern society.

Variety is the key to his happiness. The multicultural environment which he is a part of is what he enjoys the most. He can take pleasure in classic cuisine or appreciate culinary experience from all over the world.  In his spare time he might fancy an art exhibition, theater play or enrich himself by the means of the countless cultural events that the city offers him. But it is the nightlife scene where he thrives.

A city slicker has savage social skills. He is never under-dressed and rarely overdressed for the occasion. Doesn’t matter if it’s a high end establishment or the most notorious place that the underground might offer – he is in his element. He possesses the manners and the etiquette, but he can just as easily use street slang. He can talk the talk and he is walking the walk. The reason why? He understands the value of social networking and having a variety of connections. Thus a true city slicker doesn’t apply for a job – he gets job offers from his acquaintances.

He can find anything, at any time for half the price.  He always achieves his goals.  And his goals are the most important thing to him because he believes in the words of Howard Zinn: “What matters are the countless small deeds of unknown people, who lay the basis for the significant events that enter the history.”

Is there a city slicker in you?

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