Food for thoughts on the best location to live in Sofia – Part I

As a society we don’t always agree on the best place to live. The reason is that we have different perspectives. What might be a great fit for someone could be a horrible one for someone else. So, today we would like to give you some hints on how to find the right neighborhood for you.

The main factors

The two main factors to consider are lifestyle and preferred type of transportation. If you are a homebody, your most logical move will be to find a cozy place close to work/school. That will give you more time to spend at your favorite place – home. The same goes if you don’t enjoy, or you are not able to use public transportation. The city has many areas that need to be improved. Traffic flow and parking infrastructure are on the top of the list. Driving across town and finding a parking spot every day will not be a pleasurable experience. It will not even be worth the most luxurious piece of real estate you can put your hands on.


In case you enjoy going out, and don’t mind using the public transportation (we hope you are not driving under the influence), you have to pick a strategic spot for your next home. Ideally, it will be somewhere between your workplace or school, and the city center. Studentski Grad is another party hotspot, but will probably not be your cup of tea. It gets real boring, real fast.

Speaking of parties, we are sure you are looking forward to one of our next posts where we will be taking a closer look at local nightlife. According to the great Chinese slicker Sun Tzu: “If you march fifty LI in order to outmaneuver the enemy, only half of your force will reach the goal”. We are pretty sure that what he meant is that you will not be able to enjoy the full nightlife experience, if it’s too much of a hassle to go back and forth to downtown Sofia.


Thankfully, you don’t have to march since you can put to good use the Subway and tram number 7. Sofia public transportation gives you plenty of options. But, you should stick to those two in our opinion. They are the fastest, cleanest and the most consistent way of commuting by far. So, if you plan on living outside of the city center, but you would like to spend a decent amount of time in it, we encourage you to check the route network map and plan accordingly.

As a general rule of thumb: The further uptown you go, the better price per square meter you will get. You should also consider how often you go out and use cabs. Thrust us, we are also disappointed that our government shut down Uber… By and large, you will be charged around 40 cents per km. The total cost of an average fare is between 2 and 7 Euros. If you use the service several times a month, you will probably be better off by adding that expense to your rent budget. Thus, you can get an apartment a bit closer to the city center.

The second part of the article, which we will drop next week, will give you the breakdown of Sofia’s neighborhoods.

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