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“This will never be allowed in my apartment building back in Germany” – said the young man, looking at the ivy creeping up the balcony. We were in the waiting room, admiring the beautiful plant wrapped around the facаdе while waiting for the notary to finish the paperwork and help us.

Ruslan decided to move to Bulgaria a few months ago. He wasn’t attracted to the country only by the lack of exterior design regulations. As a matter of fact, he was interested in the opportunities that were presented by the local business climate. The one drawback he found was that he “only” spoke German and Russian, which made dealing with administration hard for him. Therefore, his accountant referred him to City Slickers where he could find some help.

Our first client

Between dealing with his bank and the notary we spent the whole day together. Ruslan was our first client that we met in person. But he presented much more than just an assignment to us. He brought us to a sudden realization – by executing our job right, we will allure more foreign entrepreneurs like him. This will not only be beneficial to us, but to the whole society that we’re part of. The high from this experience lasted for days…

Robert contacted us regarding some small fixes that he needed around the house he was renting. Kudos to him for insisting on leaving the joint the same way he found it. We met at his place and aided him to introduce our handyman to the task. While the worker was doing an initial assessment of the job we had a chance to chat with our host. He visited Sofia for the first time a few years ago, on a dare from a friend. It seems like that trip went well – he is living here ever since.

The Positive Side

Naturally, we asked him to share what made him stay. Stories like this one always fascinate us. It also helps us appreciate a lot more the positive side of our country that is usually taken for granted. On the way back home our handyman asked us: “Why is he fixing the place? Landlords usually don’t return the deposit”. Some concepts are hard to explain just with words. Having a real-life example definitely gave food for thought. It’s too bad that Bulgaria doesn’t raise enough role models and needs to import them. Thus, every individual having his moral compass at the right place is priceless.

But let us tell you what you can’t really put a price on. Imagine that you sit on a bench at the park. It’s a lovely spring day and you are having a couple of cold ones with some friends. In the words (and the spirit) of the great Bob Marley – “sun is shining and the weather is sweet”.

The most (in)valuable one

Suddenly, a bright idea pops in your head. Or at least it seems like one. You share it with a bestie over the phone. There is a surprise when she likes the idea, but even more so, that she is willing not only to help, but to be a part of it. From here on several months are spent in developing the project. You’ve never put so much work and passion in anything, but somehow it feels effortless. Every minute with your partner in crime is a blast. Even when you are arguing for hours about the smallest detail. Finally, there is a finished product and believe it or not, someone is justifying your work financially. Converting an idea to a proved concept is something we wish everyone can experience in their lifetime – it’s invaluable. And that’s what you are to us.

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