Find new friends

Traveling or moving to a foreign place can be fairly overwhelming for most people, especially if you are by yourself. Not only is getting adjusted to new surroundings stressful, but it may also be a challenge to break into local cliques and make new friends. To help the process along, City Slickers organize periodical social events in a relaxed format. That’s how we will help you build a new social circle in Sofia.

How does it work? Contact us and once a month you’ll receive an exclusive invitation to an event, in a small-group setting.

As a matter of fact, the activities vary from board game gatherings to pub crawling around some of the Sofia’s most unique bars. In any case, a host will help you get acquainted with the other participants in a laid back fashion. The mixture of foreigners and locals, as well as the relaxed nature of the event, will provide the opportunity to meet people with similar interests and have a great experience.