The first weeks and months in a new country can be disorienting at best. Having a friend with years of experience in the new area, and one that is ready to guide you or give you some information, can be priceless. It’s even better if he is willing take you around and show you the hidden gems of the city gems, first hand.

Unfortunately, not everybody is so lucky. This was one of the main motivational points behind building our little city slickers website. Well, we believe that there is not enough information available to foreigners in Sofia (and Bulgaria). But, in some cases, even worse: there are too many misleading sources. In our experience the State and public administration aren’t very supportive either…

That’s why we’re here. Actually, everything from “How to apply for a driver’s license?” and “What paperwork do I need to start my own business?” to “What’s a good place to have dinner, if I am a vegetarian?” can be legit queries. We want you to ask us all the questions that you couldn’t answer yourself.

City Orientation

In addition, we would also love to go on a walk with you.  It won’t be the regular city tour. To be honest, we don’t believe in highly structured sightseeing and the “one size fits all” mentality. That’s why we offer tailor-made, casual city orientation.

Just give us a hint, beforehand, on what you’d like to see and discuss. In fact, it can be anything you can think of – cool bars and places to eat, cultural appropriation, historical sites, important administrative buildings, recreational activities, etc. This way we can make the best out of our time together.

How does it work? Just contact us and send us your inquiry. We will do a research and reply within 24 hours.