Documentation aid

Dealing with the Bulgarian public administration and filling out personal documents can be frustrating endeavor for foreigners here. As a matter of fact, even experienced natives find some of the forms and applications, required by the government, confusing.

No doubt, private institutions tend to be a lot more efficient in this regard. But the language barrier is still a big issue. For this reason, City Slickers would like to give you a hand with any documents and forms required by the Bulgarian institutions.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Interior, Bulgarian Traffic Police, Banks, Utility vendors, or any other institution that you may struggle with – you can count on us.

How does it work? To start, use the contact form to send us an inquiry. Of course, you can also send us a copy or a photo of the paperwork that you are having hard time with. Then, we will help you out with the non-sensitive parts and provide detailed instructions on how to fill in the rest.