Pay what you want

We spent long hours thinking about our price model. As a matter of fact, every time we thought we got it something didn’t feel right and we started from scratch. Until we figured it out… You name the price! No doubt, you may say that it’s utopian or foolish and maybe you’re right. Call us optimists, but we believe that that way we’ll get fair reward for our service.

Of course, in cases where we use sub-contractors, we’ll have to use the traditional manner of pricing, but we’ll be completely transparent. We’ll provide you with the original invoice from our vendors so you can decide what our commission is.

Above all, our main priority is the quality of our services. So, don’t spare us! Text us right now with your comments and suggestions.

If you want to reward us for the services that we have provided to you, push the button bellow – it will be greatly appreciated.